Hayo'uFit - Be Class - 5 Yin Organ Meditation Course

5 Yin Organ Meditation Course

This 5 day course focuses on the five solid (Yin) organs of the body and their corresponding element. Spend each day working on a different organ, learning how it affects your emotions and specific acupressure massage to nourish, calm and balance your energies. Finish each session with a beautifully calming Healing Sounds meditation.

Duration: 5 days, x 1 hour classes (Mon-Fri)

Duration: 5 week span, 5 x 1 hour classes over 5 weeks (Mon)

Once you have completed the course you gain lifetime access to demonstration videos to aid your self-practice.

PRICE £99.00
Hayo'uFit - Be Class - 3 Treasures Breathwork Course

3 Treasures Breathwork Course

Use your breath to transform your health with this powerful 5 day course. Activate the parasympathetic nervous system by working on your 3 Jiao: chest breathing (upper Jiao), releasing your diaphragm (middle Jiao) and activating and energising the Dantien with abdominal breathing (lower Jiao). A meditation retreat in your home.

Duration: 5 days x 30 min classes (Mon-Fri)

PRICE £79.00
Hayo'uFit - Be Class - Breath & Meditation Flow

Breath & Meditation Flow

Enjoy the calming benefits of breath and meditation in this soothing flow designed to relax and energise the body. Suitable for all, no experience necessary.

Duration: 1 x 1 hour class

PRICE £10.00