Which Online Qigong Course should I choose?

New to Qigong? The amazing thing about this fitness system is that unlike many other workouts, Qigong is super inclusive. There is a class for everyone. So it’s important to know what’s going to work for you.

Qigong has a profound ability to fundamentally support both physical and mental health. Qigong is not only deeply relaxing and superbly beneficial to the health of the body, but it also gives you the most amazing physique.

Where you start somewhat depends on your existing approach to fitness.

Are you usually a gym-goer, addicted to the burn and missing your endorphin fix in lockdown? Then start with the Animal Play sequence.

Animals is a seriously dynamic workout. If it’s that exercised, sculpted and defined body you are after, this is the course for you. Deeply energising, challenging and ‘yang’ in nature, this sequence works more on the exterior than other forms of Qigong. Each stance, from the strength of the tiger to the balance of the crane, activates the external structures of the body such as muscles, ligaments, tendons and fascia. Increase mobility, agility, balance and strength. So, if you like the yoga physique, or want to lose a few ‘Covid pounds’, this is for you.

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Maybe you can’t think of anything worse than the gym. If you struggle to find the enthusiasm to work out and it all feels like horribly hard work, if you are tired all the time, lacking in energy and feel that your fitness levels are low, we need to look deeper inside. The ideal starter course for you is the 12 Rivers, working on energetic flow and strengthening organs to balance and give you that energy you are lacking. More energy, more vitality, more life force.

12 Rivers encourages you to move every single part of your body, extending your range and motion over time to increase flexibility. It will boost your breathing capacity, cardiovascular health and mental focus, whilst deeply relaxing and calming your mind and rebalancing your emotions.

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Are you really depleted, working flat out or home-schooling, or both? Suffering health issues, not sleeping properly or feeling like you have nothing left in the tank? Then Between Heaven and Earth is the course for you.

Meet the eight extraordinary vessels. These are deep reservoirs of Qi, imagine them as like savings accounts. Ever wondered how you keep going when you are burning the candle at both ends, or not eating properly? When you are over-taxing the body? You use up these deep reservoirs. The good news – they can be rebuilt with ‘Between Heaven and Earth’, a hugely powerful sequence.

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If you are floored, in bed, can’t even imagine doing any exercise. Or if you’ve ever tried meditation and feel like you just can’t do it? Breathwork and meditation is the place to start. These techniques are the building blocks of fitness.

Keeping up a regular meditation practice can bring incredible benefits like increased focus, greater calm, and reduced stress. In this 5 day course, we use the principles of Qigong and breathwork to introduce you to simple techniques in a natural progression, helping you to learn to meditate. Spend each day working on a different organ and learn acupressure massage to nourish, calm and balance your energy.

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For the elderly or those suffering from lung issues such as Long Covid, our 3 Treasures Breathwork Course can be hugely beneficial. It’s incredibly gentle, yet transformative in its power.

Sometimes due to emotions, bad posture, stress or just bad breathing habits, our natural breath becomes impeded. This course teaches you different exercises to allow you to use each part of the body (treasure) involved in the breath (Abdomen, Diaphragm, Chest) in a more efficient and coordinated way. Learn how to reset your breathing, activate the parasympathetic nervous system and truly relax.

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If you have specific issues you’d like to address, you can tailor the courses accordingly. For example, to support mental health the best choice would be 12 Rivers and the breathwork courses. If your focus is weight loss, we’d recommend the Animals course along with 5 Yin meditation. Our team are always available to advise, so please do get in touch and we’d be delighted to help.

The key point here is that our courses and flows are essentially modules. Wherever your fitness journey begins, it doesn’t end there. Qigong is like medicine through movement. And when you’ve healed, you can build on it with the other courses. And once you’ve done a course you can jump into a flow! Qigong is a deeply holistic practice – we understand the whole health of the body.

Don’t take our word for it! Here are just a few Happy Hayo’uFit graduates:

‘It’s GROUND breaking stuff it’s the best . Every day I get more and more excited about 8 am class. Katie is not only a wonderful HUMAN being but an inspiring teacher.’ – Jane
‘I started this right from the beginning and what a journey it has been!! Qiqong is the best healing practice I’ve ever known and I’m the biggest fan of tapping!! Link this with warrior qigong and it blows my mind!! The purging is crazy, but it all works.’- Kalpna
‘It’s THE BEST! Can’t imagine my life without qigong now’ – Radka