Meet the Hayo’uFit Instructors – Emily

Meet Emily! Emily is the newest member of our Instructor team, and she is already melting hearts with her winning smile and her gentle manner and passion for Qigong.  So, we asked our American sweetheart to tell us more:

Tell us about how you discovered Qigong?

– I first heard about Qigong through Katie Brindle while I was in the depths of dealing with some health issues including vertigo and asthma. I was already educating myself in different methods of holistic health – practicing things like meditation, yoga and healing through nutrition. I did my first Qigong flow two years ago and after that first session I just knew it was going to be a huge part of my life. The feeling I experienced after was a newfound sense of relief, flow and relaxation and I fell in love!

What did you love about it?

– I love how it is unlike any other practice. I do love to practice yoga and meditation, but Qigong is purely an energy practice that allows you to feel the benefits right away. It is also fun to do, a lot of different practices and workouts tend to bore me, but Qigong is almost like a dance, so I get genuinely excited to do it every day. I also love how there are movements specified to each organ and each part of the body, so you really feel like you are making a change by performing each motion.

What surprised you most about Qigong?

– The depth of the practice and how every SINGLE time I do it I notice something different, either about my body or about the movement. Also, how it seamlessly flows into my everyday life, even when I am walking or doing things around the house I feel that my energy is more relaxed and things I once found boring or tedious I can now do with flow and grace.

What inspired you to become an instructor?

– I felt inspired to become an instructor because I wanted others to learn about the amazing practice of Qigong and I wanted others to understand how I was feeling. I am passionate about spirituality but also about healing and there are so many secrets to unlock! There seems to be an abundant well of knowledge hidden within Chinese medicine that would benefit the Western world greatly. Going through my own journey and health issues and now having an intimate connection with my body and self-healing has been such a blessing and I want others to be able to heal themselves too.

Was the training what you expected?

– The training was fantastic and went more smoothly than I expected. I owe this to the fact that John Munro is a brilliant teacher and explains everything with so much clarity. The training was also laid out in a way that kept me from feeling stressed or overwhelmed. That isn’t to say that my training isn’t over – I feel like I am still learning about different movements, motions and types of Qigong every day!

What’s your favourite thing about teaching?

– My favourite thing about teaching is that I feel like I am making a difference. Getting feedback from people – especially when they say they can really FEEL their Qi or life force energy after a flow makes me feel like I have achieved something so great! I think my motto for what I want to do in life is to “help people find their inner light” and every time I teach I feel like I am assisting with that process.

And about HF?

– The tight, supportive community and the passion that literally pours through the socials about Chinese medicine and Qigong and the wonders of it all. Also, the support within the team – I feel like I have people who are always there to help me and guide me with my practice and my teaching!

What is your favourite sequence and why?

– My favourite sequence is Between Heaven & Earth – it instantly de-stresses me and I can feel the energy so intensely through the flow. I also love how it relates to the energy field because so many people are unaware that their bodies produce an aura and it is so important and beneficial for your overall life and health to be aware of what energy you are sending out!

Tell us something about you we didn’t know?

– I have been meditating every day, 3 times a day for 2 years! No matter the circumstance I find a way to do it, anytime, anywhere! I consider this to be a pretty big accomplishment and I feel it has had a massive impact on my life.

What would you say to someone who is considering giving Qigong a try?

– Try it, even if just once. There is no hurt in trying something new and whether you hate it or love it, there is no wrong way to try and grow your self-healing practice!