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Hayo'uFit - Instructor - Arron

Arron Collins Thomas

Arron is one of the UK's leading personal trainers and a Qigong master with the lauded Long White Cloud Qigong centre. He began incorporating Qigong into his programmes after seeing the enormous level of improvement it added. Arron advocates high efficiency training for a healthier body.

Qigong is not only deeply relaxing and superbly beneficial to the health of the body, but it also gives you the most amazing physique.

Hayo'uFit - Instructor - Jess

Jess Swallow

After discovering Qigong through Katie Brindle, Jess found the balance, energy and peace that her body and mind had been craving. Also a trained yoga teacher, Jess is incredibly passionate to share the transformative ways in which Qigong can support you in your daily life.

Qigong is always there to make me feel better and connect me back to myself. My strongest belief is that Qigong is open and accessible to all.

Hayo'uFit - Instructor - Sandra

Sandra De Foucault

Our meditation and breathwork expert, Sandra has lived all over the world: in India where she certified as a Yoga teacher and learned meditation, in Bali where she studied Chinese Medicine and then to Mauritius where she discovered Qigong practice and certified as an Integrative Health Coach.

Learning to use meditation and breathwork to control the nervous system helped me a lot in my own life. When you get used to it, you can get yourself into the 'green zone' very easily.

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