Masterclasses & Workshops

Shake off that sluggish feeling from being sat at your desk all week, and get your weekend off to a high energy start with our weekly QigongFit every Saturday morning.

Run by our expert trainer Manuela, Qigong fit is the answer for those looking for a class that ups the ante. 90 minutes of high intensity moves that give you a full body work out. From your head to your toes, expect to sweat, tone and sculpt.

Hayo'uFit Masterclasses

About Manuela:

Manuela discovered qigong during the first lockdown. Manuela has a dance and fitness background but started to struggle with joint, back pain in recent years. She instantly fell in love with qigong, and by practising these beautiful ancient techniques, the pains eased, and the weight came off. So she decided to become an instructor herself.

Qigong is one of the most unique practices where you feel invigorated yet relaxed throughout your entire body