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Arron's 4 Week Summer Program | Hayo'uFit

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Are you feeling sluggish, tired and need a boost of energy? Then this 4 week programme is for you. 

Led by our head instructor and the UK’s leading Qigong trainer, Arron Collins-Thomas this 4 week programme harnesses the power of the seasons to help your body mentally and physically this Summer.

Qigong, unlike other exercises, is designed to be practiced in line with the world around us and each class will be designed in-line with the current seasonal energy.

Summer is the season of fire and yang energy, when we want to socialise more. So this is such an important time of year to ensure qi is flowing smoothly and freely around the body.

A blend of gentle exercise and nutritional guidance, this series is focused around Summer to ensure your body flows in line with the seasons.


This 4 week course contains:

- 8 high quality, expert qigong flows ranging from 15-45 minutes

- Weekly nutritional and lifestyle advice

- A guided seasonal nutritional plan

In the words of previous attendees:

I am loving the flow of qigong and find Arron’s teaching very easy to follow”

“I loved the feel good feeling after qigong and Arron’s fantastic teaching”

I have improved energy levels and am motivated to eat better”

“This has helped my mental health as well as my body”

Please note: This is not suitable for those who have completed the 6 week Spring into Summer programme as some content is duplicated.