Chinese New Year – The Year of the Tiger

From the 4th of February, we’re celebrating the Chinese New Year as we leave the Year of the Ox behind us and enter the Year of the Tiger.

The Tiger is a popular Chinese zodiac sign due to its valuable attributed qualities including bravery, authority, courage, self-confidence, generosity and a strong belief system.

This time of year is also known as the ‘Start of Spring’ as days become longer and we see a change in seasonal energies that many people will find uplifting and energising.

A new burst of energy is required for Spring as the days lengthen and the Earth returns to life following the stillness of Winter. By keeping our spirits high and our bodies balanced and moving with qigong, we can make the most of this change in energy.

A Closer Look at the Chinese Calendar

Named Li Chun, the ‘Start of Spring’ announces that yang energy is starting to emerge after resting during the Winter. Now is the time to start living again; we should be awakening much like how the plants come back into bloom during this colourful season.

The Traditional Chinese Calendar uses a 60-year cycle for recording the years, each based on 12 ‘Earthly Branches’ (represented by the animals in the Chinese zodiac) and one of the five elements – Earth, Fire, Wood, Metal and Water.

Further to this, every year a Heavenly Stem (one of the five elements, which fall into either the yin or yang category) is paired with an Earthly Branch (one of the 12 animals of the Chinese zodiac). This year, the Heavenly Stem is ?, or Water, while the Earthly Branch is ?, or Wood. This means that 2022 is the year of the ‘Water Tiger’ (known as ‘Ren-Yin’ in the Traditional Chinese Calendar) with strong Wood elements.

What to Expect for 2022

The ‘Earth Moon Sutra’ noted that 2022 is a year for bettering yourself in all perspectives. It’s a year to be courageous as well as kind to others. The Tiger is a powerful zodiac, so tempers may be more easily frayed. A focus on meditation will help to keep this strong emotion balanced.

This year is also believed to be a good year for anyone working in the arts, technology and design sectors – so it’s a great time to pick up an artistic hobby.

Qigong will be an effective self-care tool this year to help keep you centred and strong, whilst also helping to gently release the restless qi (energy) of the Tiger for the year. If this energy is not released you will find that, much like a Tiger, you feel more territorial, restless and confrontational. Practicing qigong daily will help to release this energy – acting as an intense, yet relaxing exercise and soothing the Tiger qi.

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