Qigong Instructors

We're bringing the world's best Qigong instructors live to your living room

Hayo'uFit - Instructor - Katie

Katie Brindle

At the beginning of lockdown, our founder Katie Brindle began to share her daily Qigong practice on Instagram. After transforming lives with her mind-body movement, she now brings a dynamic version of her signature flow to Hayo’uFit working the full body and your brain with her unbridled knowledge.

Qigong is the ultimate self-healing technique.

Hayo'uFit - Instructor - Manuela


Manuela discovered qigong during the first lockdown. Manuela has a dance and fitness background but started to struggle with joint, back pain in recent years. She instantly fell in love with qigong, and by practising these beautiful ancient techniques, the pains eased, and the weight came off. So she decided to become an instructor herself.

Qigong is one of the most unique practices where you feel invigorated yet relaxed throughout your entire body

Hayo'uFit - Instructor - Arron

Arron Collins Thomas

Arron is one of the UK's leading personal trainers and a Qigong master with the lauded Long White Cloud Qigong centre. He began incorporating Qigong into his programmes after seeing the enormous level of improvement it added. Arron advocates high efficiency training for a healthier body.

Qigong is not only deeply relaxing and superbly beneficial to the health of the body, but it also gives you the most amazing physique.

Hayo'uFit - Instructor - Jess

Jess Swallow

After discovering Qigong through Katie Brindle, Jess found the balance, energy and peace that her body and mind had been craving. Also a trained yoga teacher, Jess is incredibly passionate to share the transformative ways in which Qigong can support you in your daily life.

Qigong is always there to make me feel better and connect me back to myself. My strongest belief is that Qigong is open and accessible to all.

Hayo'uFit - Instructor - Maggie

Maggie Kelly

After leaving a high pressure job in media in 2020, Maggie was completely burnt out. Years of living and working in fight or flight mode had taxed her adrenals and left her feeling exhausted.

Luckily a friend recommend Hayo’uFit founder, Katie’s Lives and Maggie started practicing every morning. Maggie’s energy improved and she wanted to explore her knowledge, so trained with John Munro at Long White Cloud to become a teacher and share what she learned with others.

Qigong continues to regenerate and re-energise me. Anyone can do it, it’s accessible, restorative and helps us live with ease and in harmony with the world around us.

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