Hayo'u Fit Founder, Katie Brindle

Meet Our Founder

Our founder Katie Brindle is a practitioner of Chinese medicine, founder of Hayo’u and author of the best-selling book ‘Yang Sheng - The Art of Chinese Self-healing’.

Katie has been working in Chinese medicine since 2002. Alongside practising massage and reflexology, she studied Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and qualified as a Five Elements Chinese medical practitioner, graduating from the UK’s Integrated College of Chinese Medicine.

During her time in clinic, Katie quickly realised that the prevention and self-treatment of illness was key to good health. She often quotes the age-old Chinese proverb; ‘a drop of prevention is worth a bucket load of cure.’

When lockdown started, Katie decided to share her daily Qigong practice on Instagram. It was an instant hit, with hundreds (including wellbeing experts and tastemakers such as Jasmine Hemsley, Trinny Woodall and Yasmin Sewell) finding life-changing benefits from her free live classes.

People kept asking for more. And Katie had been dreaming of launching online Qigong classes for a long time. And so, Hayo’uFit was born.

Described as ‘energising’, ‘transforming’ and as ‘the only thing that’s ever worked’, Hayo’uFit is a brand-new platform based on the principles of Chinese medicine. Qigong is not about calories in versus calories out. This is a practice designed to replenish rather than deplete your energy levels. Discover an entirely new approach - from one of the oldest healthcare systems in the world.

‘If you think you’ve tried everything, I promise you haven’t. Because if you are tired, lacking in energy, out of shape or simply not feeling great, trust me Qigong is for you. Since lockdown, we’ve had hundreds join our revolution and the results have been staggering. Qigong exercise leaves you feeling relaxed yet energised, rather than exhausted yet restless. It’s worked for me, it’s worked for them - and it will work for you.’’ - Katie Brindle

Katie runs regular masterclasses on common health issues.

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