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Hayo'uFit Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

We believe Qigong is exactly what you need. It leaves you feeling fit, energised, sculpted and strong. It encourages restorative sleep, good digestion, better mood and vitality. Largely undiscovered in the West, Qigong is quite simply the ultimate self-healing technique. Here's why you need to practice with us...

Anytime, Anywhere

Most of our lives are overwhelmingly busy, and trying to squeeze in an exercise class can make it even busier. With Hayo'ufit You can access our classes online wherever and whenever with video on demand.

Leaves you relaxed yet energised

Our key aim is to increase Qi, otherwise known as life force energy, in your body. This Qi is then circulated through your meridians, leaving you feeling healthier, calmer and full of vitality. And best of all? It's hugely relaxing and enjoyable to practice making you want to do it in the first place.

Integrates mind, body, spirit

This ancient medical system recognizes the connection between your internal attitudes, emotions, and physical wellbeing.

Fits into your lifestyle

You don't have to roast yourself at the gym to see results. This flexible self-practice can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere, you just need an open window and some standing space.

Instant results and long-term benefits

Each class leaves you feeling full of energy and relaxed yet energized. As you deepen your practice, you'll quickly notice an improvement in symptoms such as low mood, stubborn weight, aches and pains, sleep and emotional strength. Long term practice ensures a large step towards preventative health and ongoing health of the body.

Made for everyone

Whether you're unwell in bed, ground down by long Covid or an experienced athlete, we have classes for you.

Community is key

From our expert instructors to your fellow practitioners, we're always here for you with weekly classes, parties, masterclasses, workshops and on-demand videos all underpinned by our customer service support.

Unparalleled expert knowledge

We work directly with one of the world's top Qigong organisations, Long White Cloud Qigong.

A revolutionary approach to fitness

The right exercise can offer so much more than what we currently perceive fitness to be. HAYO'UFIT addresses all the accepted benefits of fitness but also three further crucial requirements your body needs in order to be healthy:

  • Purge and nourish
  • Strengthen the five key organs
  • Enable free flow of qi and blood

Modern living interferes with all of the above functions leaving us feeling tired yet restless, miserable and suffering a myriad of symptoms we aren't quite sure how to resolve. Hayo'uFit ensures you do all three giving your body the opportunity to balance itself and restore good health.