Meet Hayo'uFit. The practical and affordable future of fitness. Qigong encourages the free flow of energy around the body by combining considered movements with breath and mental engagement. The benefit? It's pleasurable to practice and leaves you relaxed yet energized, sculpted and toned.

Why Hayo'uFit?

We believe Qigong is exactly what you need. It leaves you feeling fit, energised, sculpted and strong. It encourages restorative sleep, good digestion, better mood and vitality. Largely undiscovered in the West, Qigong is quite simply the ultimate self-healing technique. Here's why you need to practice with us

"If you think you’ve tried everything, I promise you haven’t. Because if you are tired, lacking in energy, out of shape or simply not feeling great, trust me Qigong is for you. Since lockdown, we’ve had hundreds join our revolution and the results have been staggering. Qigong exercise leaves you feeling relaxed yet energised, rather than exhausted yet restless. It’s worked for me, it’s worked for them – and it will work for you.’’

Katie Brindle, Founder - Hayo'uFit
Meet our Founder Katie Brindle

Meet our founder

I created HAYO'UFIT because I know movement is medicine and how powerful thst can be. From my own life issues and years of clinical practice I know how hard life is on all of us and how important it is to care for the body efficiently yet profoundly. I also know how time poor we all are so if we are to spend even a minute on ourselves it needs to be instantly pleasurable and immediately effective otherwise we simply won't do it.

Katie Brindle, Founder